Even at this moment, various products for people's health are coming out all over the world. Among the many products, the process of finding the right product for me is still very difficult. Novatra was started with the goal of connecting consumers with good products across borders.

When I was living alone abroad for several years and was not taking good care of my health, I was overusing my body at work. Especially in the North American market, where preventive medicine technology is most advanced, new and excellent products are pouring out day by day. However, there were limited ways for consumers to easily find and purchase these products upon returning to their home country, and barriers were high. Novatra wanted to break down that barrier and connect customers who want to buy the product that suits them, sellers who want to showcase good products, and top global sellers and consumers who want to meet each other.

By discovering better products and connecting them to consumers, we provide partners around the world with the opportunity to meet customers they have never met before, and we are doing this now so that customers can experience products that are right for them that they never knew before. Even the moment is running hard.


"Suggest better choice to live well."

To propose a healthier life to people around the world

Values for Novatra

We constantly discover the best products

Even at this moment, innovative products that are beneficial to health are still on the market. Novatra does not settle for the moment when it discovers products that many customers are looking for. We never stop visiting the world to deliver better products and better information for individuals.

We try to solve even the discomfort we was used to

The process of discovering and purchasing products through overseas direct purchases/purchasing agencies, etc. is actually inconvenient, but many customers are accepting it. We continue to make efforts to improve even a little bit of this familiar inconvenience. From the customer's point of view, we strive to provide better benefits, albeit small.

We take responsibility for risks that can be passed on to customers

Health-related foods have different standards by country, but it is difficult for consumers to check and select all these standards individually. We check in advance whether the overseas product has any problems when using it by domestic consumers, and, if necessary, cooperate with the manufacturer so that products based on domestic standards can be released so that customers can use the product more safely. I'm done.


"Make people's daily life brighter and more hopeful"

Visual Concept

Novatra's visual concept means infinite possibilities for everyone in the world to play a role in making their daily life richer and brighter.

It also represents a far-reaching future that presents new opportunities for people all over the world, beyond Korea.

Company Identity

The company name, graphic, and slogan that convey the company's vision are combined to deliver a distinct and clear message of Novatra.

Colors & Gradient