Let's spread wellness together!

We are waiting for those who will make a better world with Novatra


We are looking for people who can relate to Novatra's way of thinking about the world, work and people

I. Positive thinking skills

Even at this moment, new and diverse products are constantly being launched around the world, and our goal is to connect them with our customers without stopping. That's why it can be a bit tiring and sometimes overworked, but Novatra is working in the most wise way to deal with the problems it encounters based on positive thinking.

II. Strong Responsibility with Autonomy

Novatra is still a small company and the future is even more important. Therefore, it is most important for each member to take responsibility for their respective responsibilities. We are looking for someone with a strong sense of responsibility as we work in an autonomous way.

III. Customer-based perspective

At Novatra, we focus on what people want, not what we want. Craving for what we want leads to the pursuit of profit. Companies want to be with those who want to participate in the daily journey of thinking about what customers want based on a long-term perspective.

IV. Challenging for performance

Team members, team leaders, executives, and representatives all have the same goal of improving their personal lives through better performance. Novatra wants to work with someone who has a strong passion for performance. And we are ready to share the results we have achieved together.


Novatra strives every day to provide the best work environment to its members.

Basic welfare

4 major insurance, annual leave without reason, lunch/dinner provided, holiday bonus provided

Health welfare

All employees join accident insurance and provide health checkup

Refresh welfare

Paid leave and travel productsafter 3, 5, or 7 years of service

Convenient commuting

Office connected to Munjeong Station!

Sloth cut in 5 minutes!

Snacks provided

I never counted the types of snacks!

In-house library

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Travel, marketing, economics,all-round field of practice!


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