Global e-commerce company connecting people and brands to enhance their quality of lives.

Novatra connects brands and consumers around the world to propose a healthier life










Global Brand Business

Brand Marketing Communication

Novatra carries out communication activities where global brands can deliver their own clear brand message to customers around the world, including Korea.

Intermediation Sales

Novatra is not only in the business of connecting the products of global leading companies with domestic consumers, but also connecting with American consumers.

Master Distributor

Novatra is working to discover excellent companies and products around the world, especially in the North American market, and to deliver the products to domestic consumers in the most reasonable way through exclusive import contracts with these companies.

Local Brand Business

Export Distributor

Novatra, through collaboration with domestic companies with excellent competitiveness, discovers various channels where they can meet customers from all over the world, and domestic companies advance into overseas markets.

Consulting Business

Product R&D Localization

Novatra participates in the R&D process that allows global products to meet the domestic inspection standards according to the different product inspection standards in each country and proposes them so that domestic consumers can make purchases that meet reasonable standards.

Customer Relations Business

Customer Communication Channel Operation

All products handled by Novatra serve to communicate and communicate detailed information about the product and how to use it more effectively and easily through the customer communication channel operated by the company.